19th Anniversary

19th Anniversary 104 www.afamag.com |  www.incollect.com The elegant grand salon, with its original floor from the Stanford White era, and the paneling that Philip Cheney brought from an eighteenth-century house in Europe, was in ruins when Anthony Viscogliosi first acquired the mansion. The fireplace, which had dropped into the cellar from termite damage, is now the locus of the room, in front of which Paula placed a conversational seating arrangement. She chose red, green, and blue colorways to complement the room’s rich sculptural elements, creating a warm and strong setting; not dark, but elegant. The family play on a Steinway piano (shown beyond the library in the following image); the antique harp, however, is for decorative purposes. facing page  The most elaborate object in the room is the opera cabinet, circa 1880. It features painted panels of the four seasons, with architectural elements that mimic the home of the Paris Opera, Palais Garnier, built from 1861 until 1875. Among the numerous compartments, the top lifts up to reveal a jewelry cabinet lined with velvet.