19th Anniversary

ELI LU RIE ANTIQUES www.elilurie.com A Campeche variant rocking chair (siesta chair) highly attributable to John Hemings 1815-1819. Construction methods and stylistic elements are consistent with those utilized in the Monticello Joinery. Of particular note are through-tennoned joints where the arms meet the rear stiles. Jefferson had a documented preference for the Campeche chair, of which this chair is derived. Considering Jefferson’s deteriorating physical condition, the ease of use of a medium height rocking chair would have been ideal. This chair has been referred to as the “chicle chair”, as an original, period piece of chicle remains stuck to the underside of one of the seat rails. White Ash 41” H x 25.5” W x 31” D For additional information & images please see our website Thomas Jefferson’s Siesta Chair John Hemings Monticello Joinery (active 1809-1819) “While too weak to sit up the whole day, and afraid to increase the weakness by lying down, I long for a Siesta chair which would have admitted the medium position. I must therefore pray you to send by Henry the one made by Johnny Hemings.” Thomas Jefferson in a letter to his daughter Martha, 1819