19th Anniversary

2019 Antiques & Fine Art 57 F LATHER & P ERKINS, I NC. Insurance since 1917 888 17th Street, NW Washington, DC 20006 (202) 466-8888 • (800) 422-8889 • info@flatherperkins.com • w ww.flatherperkins.com “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” For the past century, we’ve worked hard protecting collections as fine as yours. Beauty that never fades. Your collection reflects your tastes, unique interests and uncompromising standards. Let us work hard protecting it. Flather & Perkins is recognized as the premier broker for insuring collections as fine as yours because of our in-depth knowledge and experience in this highly specialized field. And we provide this expertise and personal service at surprisingly competitive rates. To inquire about our highly personalized programs for fine homes and collections, please call us at (202) 466-8888 or (800) 422-8889. - Audrey Hepburn I 5179 Wheelis Dr., Memphis, TN 38117 901-818-6878 www.sarkiskish.com Serapi, circa 1890 Sarkis Kish Oriental Rugs Offering fine antique rugs along with high quality semi antique and new rugs for over 50 years.