19th Anniversary

Invitation to Consign THE MARINE SALE I July 2019 Cape Cod Mystic, Ct. 508-385-3116 info@eldreds.com “Ships That Pass” by Montague Dawson Sold for $84,000 July 2017 Competitive rates. Personalized service. Exceptional prices realized. www.eldreds.com e nation’s leading marine art auction house Exceptional illustrated whaling journal Sold for $90,000 November 2018 Ralph E. Cahoon, Jr. Sold for $156,000 August 2018 Bone Ship Model Sold for $15,600 July 2018 Scrimshaw attributed to the Naval Monument Engraver Sold for $396,000 July 2018 Scrimshaw by Edward Burdett Sold for $456,000 July 2017 World-record price for scrimshaw MA Lic. #155