AFA Autumn 2019

With over 40 years experience in the stained glass business, our goal is to find the best Antique American Stained Glass Windows and offer them to you for sale. They are cleaned, repaired or reframed as needed, but our purpose is to preserve the ( Phone: 541-310-9027 or email: Frank Duff We deliver in the lower 48 states and ship interna- tionally. beauty and unique- ness of this rare and vanishing American art form. We have over 400 windows for sale on our website. Please call for addi- tional information. fid16035 fid19007 fid15133 fid19010 fid19018 a+b fid19027 fid18081 - one of a pair fid19017 a+b - glass mosaics fid15043, 18045, 18075 fid19001 a-c fid18065 fid19006 fid19014 - one of a pair fid15064