AFA Autumn 2019

Antiques & Fine Art 73 2019 Quaker cabinetmaker William Savery created simple, well-built furniture to grace the private spaces of some of Philadelphia’s grandest homes. This labeled chest is one of the only pieces by him to incorporate carved ornament. Influenced by designs published in Thomas Chippendale’s The Gentleman and Cabinet- Maker’s Director (1754) and the work of London trained cabinetmakers working in Philadelphia, Savery added a modest amount of carving along the edge of the front skirt and on the knees of the front legs. The impressive pediment with fine latticework and scrolls ending with swirls of acanthus leaves stands in contrast to the otherwise plain body of the chest. William Savery (1721–1787), High chest of drawers, Philadelphia, 1762–1775. Mahogany. H. 96, W. 45½, D. 24 in. Carolyn and Peter Lynch Collection.