AFA Summer 2018 Preview

Q HOW DO YOU DETERMINE THAT AN ACQUISITION IS A MASTERPIECE & HOW DOES A COLLABORATION BETWEEN TWO FIRMS ENHANCE VALUE? JASON The term masterpiece is applied when three or more design firms combine their skill, techniques and superior levels of manufacture to commission one specific creation using the best of their talents in the process . The reason these types of creations are so valuable is because they represent the best of what most celeberated artists & inventors alike could do at a specific time in history. The present acquisitions displayed here exemplify some of the greatest collaborations that important design firms produced as they pushed the envelope of design to create something the world has never seen before. The extra workmanship required to produce such creations is what enhances their value & collectibility .In order to understand the value one must determine who the collaborators were and what elements were contributed. By examining secret signatures, hallmarks & serial numbers experts are able to pinpoint a firms involvement. Ultimately, the ability to determine who produced an acquisition will also reveal its hidden investment potential. FEATURING Q&A Katrina Canady Exhibition Manager United States Antique Shows Jason Nichinson President Ye Olde Timkeepers, Inc Eric Wind President Wind Vintage Former Christie’s Watch Dept Expert Contributing Writer, Hodinkee 1949 Alemany & Ertman & Movado For Salvador Dali ‘Eye of Time’ Form Watch Collaboration 1921 Audemar Piguet For Oscar Heyman Bros. Egyptian Revival Wristwatch Collaboration & UNDERSTANDING HIDDEN INVESTMENT POTENTIAL THE SECRETS OF COLLABORATIVE MASTERPIECES