AFA Summer 2018 Preview

1969 Heuer Monaco Ref. 1113G “1st Self Winding Chronograph” “ Piquerez For Heuer Case Design ” What people don’t realize is the added value with this collaborative piece such as that Heuer introduced the Monaco reference 1133 in 1969 as part of a line of automatic chronographs. The self-winding chronograph was a completely new innovation at that time. The Monaco was equipped with an unusual square-shaped case designed by Piquerez . Heuer secured an exclusive deal with Piquerez for these square cases. The watch remains famous as Steve McQueen wore a Monaco in the car racing movie “Le Mans.” Unappreciated at the time, the Monaco has now become a cult classic. The interesting case design, rich history, and i nnovative movement make this watch sought after by as a statement piece to own 2 1- 888-616 3330 Appointment Only ERIC Do you find that collaborative projects earn an enhanced value in the vintage wristwatch market? Yes,Whenever there are additional efforts involved to produce a specific effect on a certain model or reference the level of collectibility is enhanced. Take for example, the Heuer Monaco. Ironically this case design was exclusively supplied by Piquerez to Heuer for its unique style but at the time of conception it was originally unappreciated. Today, this specific collaboration which made it so different back then has now become one of the most celeberated vintage references to collect. Q One of the most important elements to remember is that this is a constant learning process. Attending qualified antique shows gives you a learning experience that starts in person, but we also encourage our attendess to take advantage of our online resources to expand their knowledge. Our events feature some of the the worlds most prestigious collections & knowleagable experts who are thrilled to share their passionabout their areas of expertise. The ability to understand masterpieces or collaborations require manyy years of first-hand experience, as well as extensive study; we try to create that environment in every exhibition we produce. What are some of the most important elements for collectors to focus on when they attend an Antique exhibition? KATRINA Q JASON In order to understand the relationships that exist it is best to start with the firm’s origin story . This way one can understand how the company created different joint projects based on necessity to compete with other brands or to satisfy specific needs of important clients. Q Where can someone learn more about masterpieces & different collaborations? Email : NEXT EXHIBITION: US ANTIQUE SHOWS 5/31- 6/3 (LAS VEGAS, NV) 1970s Gilbert Albert For Patek Philippe 1900s Verger Freres, Paillet For Vacheron & Constantin A masterpiece collaboration made by the three firms : movement by Vacheron,Rock crystal elements Lalique,Dial by Artist Paillet & Case Designed by firm Verger Freres If you have never seen or heard of a Gilbert Albert timepiece for Patek Philippe the best way to recognize an example is by the unique assymeterical or oblong case designs , The additional collaborations between the two firms enabled Patek Philippe to push the envelope when they asked Gilbert Albert to design a series of wristwatches in the 1970s & as a result are considered some of the brands most valuable and sought after creations. “Gilbert Albert For Patek Philippe”